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Moonrise Nation, Silver White Sunlight

A young fresh ensemble drowning in pop sensibilities, the members of Moonrise Nation speak for an upcoming generation. As musicians and writers, they craft songs that are anchored in alternative folk with meaningful lyrics and deliver with compelling stage presence in their live shows. 

Each member has a distinctive, soulful voice that complements the other. Sisters Arden and Eva Bee intricately weave their voices into magical harmonies over their keyboard and cello, while Emma McCall adds grit with her textured licks on the guitar.

Silver White Sunlight takes traditional folk music and injects it with a fresh and healthy dose of soul. Songwriters at heart, the members of Silver White Sunlight center their music around lyrics that explore pain, joy, life, loss and spirituality. The group aims to connect with their audience through stirring melodies that cut right to the heart.


$8 ADV // $10 DOS